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Energy drinks risks and advice 02/Feb/2023 Energy Drinks - risks and information for parents Energy drinks: what are they, risks to children, information for parents.

Get Wise to using a tourniquet 25/May/2022 How to effectively apply a tourniquet New guidance on how to effectively apply a tourniquet in an emergency situation

Defib AED 01/Feb/2022 Defibrillators Everything You Need To Know Read Our Article To Learn About Defibrillators, Why They Are Life Saving Devices, How You Can Learn To Use One, What They Look Like And Where To Find Them.

First Aid Course 27/Jan/2022 First Aid New Year Resolutions 2022 A New Year Perfect For Making New Year Resolutions. Make It A Good One This Year And Learn How To Save A Life. Visit Our Website To Book Your Course

First Aid Training 13/Dec/2021 A Look Back At 2021 For Our First Aid Business This Year Has Been Tough For Many Businesses But We Are Focusing On Positives, Such As Training Many People In First Aid. Visit Our Website To Find Out More.

Working Minds Campaign 02/Dec/2021 HSE Launches Working Minds Mental Health Campaign A Campaign To Help Businesses Recognise The Signs Of Work-Related Stress. Businesses And Staff Will Be Encouraged To Reach Out, Recognise, Respond And Reflect.

Knife attack first aid 19/Nov/2021 Public Access Trauma Kits - PAcT Trauma First Aid Kits To Help Saves Lives After Stabbings And Terror Attacks. Public Access Trauma Kits Will Save Lives In Serious Incidents.

Man slips on ice 08/Nov/2021 First Aid Training For Winter Workplace Make Sure Your Team Have The Knowledge And Skills To Prevent And Treat Workplace Accidents That Can Occur During The Winter. Learn First Aid For Work.

Mental health support workplace 01/Nov/2021 Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work - Stress Awareness Day 3rd Nov Stress awareness day 2021 with more focus on stress awareness and prevention in the workplace.

World Mental Health Day 07/Oct/2021 World Mental Health Day 2021 World Mental Health Day 2021, learn more about workplace mental health.

Back Pain Posture 06/Oct/2021 Back Care Awareness Week 4th-8th Oct Back care awareness: working from home, guidance, and posture information.

Fire door exit sign 20/Sep/2021 Fire Door Safety Week 20-26th Sep 2021 National Fire Door Safety Week 2021. Focussing attention on the vital role of fire doors. Free easy to follow 5 step first door check list.

School first aid 18/Sep/2021 World First Aid Day 11th Sept 2021 - First Aid in Schools World First Aid Day 2021 to raise awareness of the importance of first aid and First Aid in Schools

Fire safety course 07/Sep/2021 Fire Risks and Threats in the Workplace There are many risks and threats of fire in the workplace, join one of our fire safety courses to equip you with essential skills and knowledge

27/Aug/2021 Understanding childrens mental health Mental health problems affect one in six children, learn how to understand mental wellbeing with one of our mental health first aid training courses.

13/Apr/2021 Paediatric First Aid Training During Covid Read our article to find out and understand the requirements for face to face and online Paediatric First Aid training during Covid. Visit our website now

09/Mar/2021 Security First Aid Course Security Industry Authority (SIA) mandatory First Aid Training course. Suitable for people who are working as a Door Supervisor or Security Guard.

17/Jul/2017 Schools To Keep Adrenalin Auto Injector As of 1st October 2017 UK schools can buy and keep a spare adrenaline auto-injector (AAI) for use in emergencies. Visit our website to read more details.

28/Jun/2009 First Aid Training At Work Changes Changes coming in October 2009. Keep up to date on First Aid Training in The Workplace. Visit the news section of our website and we'll keep you informed.






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