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Welcome to First Aid For All Ltd. providers of first aid training courses Manchester, first aid courses in Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Preston, Liverpool, Maidstone, Southampton, first aid course Warrington and many other areas in the UK. We hope you find the first aid training information you are looking for; if not please contact First Aid For All and we will be happy to help. See also our public training venues.

First aid is the provision of initial care for a sudden and usually unexpected illness or injury. To be as effective as possible first aid must be simple, safe and quickly provided to a person in need, see Basic First Aid.

For more information or to book a First Aid Course please Free-phone 0800 781 0379

Approved first aid courses? See approved first aid training courses for HSE compliance with First Aid For All


First Aid Training

Our base and main area of public/open first aid training is Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Bolton, Warrington but we can deliver first aid, fire safety, mental health training courses in many other areas of the UK , via our qualified first aid, mental health, and fire safety trainers.

We run public/open first aid training courses every week and it is highly advisable that everyone take a first aid course at some point in their life, it could save your life, the life of a family member, friend, colleague or even just a stranger. There are also many legal first aid and safety training requirements for UK companies to ensure there is adequate first aid cover in a work place, club/social group, or organisation. Please contact First Aid For All if you would like further information on your businesses legal first aid requirement.


First aid course Manchester

First aid course Manchester

First Aid Course Manchester

The first aid courses we deliver are simple, fun and can save lives. Please see: first aid courses for details of the first aid training we deliver:

Emergency First Aid Course

A 6 hour/1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course can help your business comply with UK Health & Safety law and can help save a life, maybe yours! First aid is simple and effective treatment but for best results it must be done within a few minutes of an incident.

First Aid Training Requirements?

Need to know your legal responsibilities for first aid at work training? Please contact First Aid For All and we will provide you with first aid at work guidance documents. With assistance from qualified and registered Heath and Safety practitioners we can also help you formulate a Health and Safety policy for the work place.

So for first aid courses in Manchester or any first aid training requirement please contact First Aid For All.

Recommended First Aid, Fire Safety, Mental Health Training Courses

First Aid At Work Training

Required First Aid training for UK workplaces. We follow the syllabus recommended by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). We are regulated by FAIB and our courses are suitable for first aid compliance in UK workplaces.

First Aid Training

Emergency First Aid at Work Course

The recognised Emergency First Aid at Work course is at least 6 hours of first aid training. In 1 day a person can gain the skills to save a life in many common emergency situations.

Emergency First Aid Course

Paediatric Child and Baby First Aid

A basic Paediatric Child and Baby First Aid Course is at least 3 hours of training for the most common and most serious sudden child and baby first aid situations.

Paediatric First Aid Course

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