Certificate Check & Download

All certificates from 1st January 2015 include security features to verify they are valid and have been issued by us:

  • a QR code - can be read by a free QR Code Reader app on a smart phone
  • a unique certificate number that can be checked on our site
  • a URL that will take you to our site and confirm who, what, when, and pass/fail

Websites that can validate our certificates are:
- FirstAidForAll.co.uk
- FirstAidForAll.uk
- SkillsForAll.co.uk
- SkillsForAll.uk
- FireSafetyForAll.uk
- HealthAndSafetyForAll.uk

We validate all certificats on our website so they cannot be forged, copied or altered.
Concerned about a certificate? Please contact us immediately and we will check our records.

If in doubt about a certificate please contact us immediately and we will check our records.

Client Feedback

"Joanne was Amazing  Made the course very entertaining but in way  you won’t forget things you were trained. Learnt so ..."
  Mrs T Bancroft     19/Oct/2019


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