Coronavirus Policy

First Aid For All Limited is a family business delivering affordable training courses. We take Coronavirus very seriously.

Here is our policy regarding Covid-19 and our trading activities.

As the UK is "living with Covid" we are taking precautions to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Our normal booking and cancellation policy applies to all bookings.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment & Course Attendee Requirements

On Arrival at venue

All staff and visitors:

  • must confirm they have no reason to be self-isolating
  • are asked to wash or sanitise hands
  • must confirm they understand the importance of regular hand hygiene throughout the day
  • reads any sign-age and visual aids relating to the training course, safety, and Covid-19
Prior to Course Commencing

Trainer explains course content, topics covered, any specific requirements to be in close proximity to another person and the reasons why. The requirements will vary depending on the official Covid-19 Alert Level.

Trainer ensures learners are aware of the available PPE and know how to use it correctly.

Ensures learners know the venue facilities that are and are not available to them during the course. When the official Covid-19 Alert Level is 3 or above, most venues will restrict access to kitchen facilities including fridge, washing, microwave.

Ensure all learners dispose of tissues used on nose or mouth, immediately into the bin and then ensure learner's correct hand hygiene protocols. If no tissue available for an urgent cough learners must use their elbow.

Ensure learners keep to their initial drinking vessel during the course of the day, to eliminate the risk of cross infection.

Depending on the official Covid-19 Alert Level, close contact between trainers and learners is reduced to the minimum required by sensible adaptations to training and assessment activities.

Where training has been modified for Covid-19, learners will be made aware of normal practice, the changes now required, the reason for the changes.

Learners will be allocated to a “bubble” of other learners. When close interaction is needed with other learners or equipment, learners will only interact with others and equipment from their bubble.

Disinfectant wipes will be available for learners to clean equipment between uses.

Where possible, practical elements on courses will be grouped together reducing the number of times learners are required to put on and remove PPE.

If a learner demonstrates competence in a practical session/skill, there will be no need to demonstrate competence or practice the skill again (unless the learner requests this).

Alcohol Hand Sanitisers will be provided for use by learners as they enter and exit the training room and throughout their time in the training room.


We continue to follow any advice, updates and changes from the Government and related organisations, and from industry regulators on COVID 19 including the Resuscitation Council UK, the World Health Organisation. The National Health Service, the Health and Safety Executive.


Please contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions regarding our approach and Covid-19 precautions.


COVID-19 restrictions replaced by public health advice

Important information about: online first aid training.

Private First Aid Courses during Covid-19 Restrictions

We can deliver private first aid courses at your workplace of you can hire on of our venues.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our prices are exactly the same but, depending on the official Covid-19 Alert Level, there maybe restrictions on: venues, space requirements, attendee numbers.

Gloves and surgical masks will be made available to all attendees and these must be used during the practical sessions of the training when the UK Covid-19 alert level is 3 or higher.

General Information:

Businesses must provide a safe working environment for staff, this includes taking precautions for COVID-19.
First aid and other safety training is essential training that is needed particularly by workplaces where it is not possible for staff to work from home, and particularly when there may be extended ambulance response times due to the crisis.

During a lock-down we can still deliver private first aid courses for key workers e.g. for schools and essential businesses that do not have enough trained staff on-site.


Official Coronavirus Information

Please use reputable and valid information:

UK Government: Coronavirus

NHS Coronavirus advice

Client Feedback

"Great course, with an amazing trainer, friendly and easy to understand...."
  Miss C Hodson     19/Feb/2024

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