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QUESTION: Do I need Ofqual or FAIB or something else for my training course?
ANSWER: yes, no, maybe...
Err, sorry about that answer but unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this! For example, if you need a first aid course that is recognised by the HSE, Ofsted, and UK industry, then both FAIB and Ofqual first aid certificates and qualifications are recognised and accepted by the HSE and Ofsted without questioning. Our own qualifications will also be accepted by Ofsted and the HSE but you (or us) may have to provide them with further information "due diligence" (* see below) if asked during an inspection.

QUESTION: Why does it cost more for an Ofqual certificate?
ANSWER: we have to pay an awarding organisation for each certificate that is issued.
Ofqual regulated qualifications/certificates are not issued directly by us. This results in significant additional admin time for us as well as the individual certificate cost.

QUESTION: Combined qualifications? Why are some qualifications combined and some are not?
ANSWER: Most Ofqual regulated certificates are issued for a specific/single qualification.
With some courses e.g. Forest School First Aid, it is possible to apply for multiple Ofqual certificates/qualifications by completing one course. Additional fees apply as we have to pay for each individual certificate that is issued by the awarding organisation.

QUESTION: Not available qualifications? Why are some qualification options not available with a particular regulator or accreditation?
ANSWER: Regulators have different requirements so some combinations are not available.
Examples of this are regulators requiring different ratios of classroom to online training time, not accepting any online training, some training must be outside or at the actual work location, specific equipment must be used, etc.

QUESTION: Is there a Legal Requirement for FAIB or Ofqual?
There is no legal requirement to use FAIB, Ofqual or any other "regulated" workplace first aid certificates. This also applies to most other training courses e.g. fire safety, manual handling, mental health "first aid", or other workplace training certificates. There are various options for achieving compliant/recognised first aid and other qualifications for UK workplaces.

QUESTION: Is this all just personal preference?
Yes, a lot of the time the choice of training provider and the accreditation or regulation that is used/requested by an employer, insurer, your own industry regulator, etc. is simply what they prefer or are used to using. This might be Ofqual, or an industry body like FAIB, or an unregulated but trusted training provider.
Your employer may prefer to see a first aid or other qualification that specifies a level e.g. "Level 3" first aid course. They might require you to use a particular regulating body e.g. Ofqual, or maybe a compliance system specific to your own industry e.g. FIA, IOL, FAIB, etc. etc. and it might simply be an internal requirement of your organisation, your bosses preference, or a requirement for working overseas: Ofqual qualifications are widely recognised around the world.

QUESTION: Do I have to use a specific first aid "regulator" or training provider for my industry?
We are aware that people are being told they must have certificates with specific first aid accreditation or regulation e.g. FAIB, Ofqual, (or others) for compliance with UK regulations. This is complete rubbish, there is no legal requirement in the UK for you to use any regulator, awarding body, or specific accreditation at all for first aid training, it is just an option for employers.

Employers can use their own in-house unregulated first aid trainers but this option comes with additional risks and administration requirements that, if not done correctly, can result is serious issues for the employer. Full details of the regulations can be found on the HSE website or feel free to contact us to discuss this and we will be happy to explain the options.

QUESTION: Why use a regulated training provider?
Using a regulated training provider is a simple and easy way for an employer to show they have nationally recognised first aid training qualifications.

Brief History of First Aid Training Regulation?
On 1st October 2013 the HSE Approval and monitoring system for first aid courses was dropped. Employers now have a lot more options to choose from and it can be quite confusing.

First Aid For All Limited. has the following options available for first aid courses:

  • First Aid Industry Body (FAIB). For more information see approved first aid training with FAIB
  • OFQUAL regulated first aid courses are also available. These courses/qualifications are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).
  • Our own bespoke first aid qualifications (FAFA)

First Aid For All Ltd. did have direct HSE approval until the changes came into affect in 2013. We now use both the FAIB industry body approval & accreditation and also Ofqual regulated training for first aid, fire safety, mental health, and other training.

* Due diligence for unregulated course compliance?
Unregulated courses e.g. bespoke qualifications created in-house by us (or other providers) can also comply with and be accepted by the HSE and Ofsted. You (with our assistance) would just need to demonstrate that the course/qualification is suitable for your needs and delivered correctly. This might mean us providing them with learner outcomes (test scores), insurance documents, qualification specifications/course syllabus, etc. etc. We can do this quite easily. It is however, often easier to use a regulatory body like FAIB or Ofqual so we and you/our client don't have to deal with compliance issues and the additional paperwork.

Whatever it be FAIB, Ofqual, or our own training qualifications, we can help you train your staff for legal compliance and personal and business development.

Please Contact us if you are unsure of any of this or just want to chat through the options that are available to you.

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"A great course, easy to understand...."
  Mr C Clawson     17/Jul/2024

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