We are a family run business and we strive to provide the best possible training. We are well aware of the importance of high quality first aid training AND the benefits it can have on the people who are training and the casualties that receive first aid.

These are just some of the testimonials we have received for our first aid courses.

All trainees can leave feedback anonymously. We keep all paperwork and returned feedback for 7 years so we can verify all our feedback as and when required.


"Really enjoyed the course."
  Anonymous     12/Sep/2012

"Confident, friendly and insightful."
  V Hoyle     18/Jul/2012

"I have really enjoyed this 3 day course + didn't find it boring at all. I was told first aid courses are boring. This one was definitely not."
  Mrs J Hallam     04/Dec/2009

"Very good, kept course flowing,very informative."
  A     09/Feb/2011

"Mary was fab and it was fun and informative Thankyou Mary"
  Mr P Byrne     20/Apr/2010

"The structure was very active, the trainer engaged the group well and the course was a mix between presentation and practice."
  S Khan     14/Dec/2016

"Yes, very well, enjoyed very much"
  Mr P Reed     23/Apr/2010

"I thought the course was very good and chris explained everything about 1st Aid clear fully and I learned a lot about 1st Aid."
  Mr M Storer     18/Jun/2010

"explained different situations very well"
  Ms N Edwards     09/Oct/2009

"No negatives at all. Better than expected. Well constructed and superb delivery from all trainers."
  Mr T Leese     04/Dec/2009

"The trainer was easy to understand and keen to explain in detail"
  N Welsh     10/Feb/2017

  Anonymous     16/Aug/2012

"Lively and knowledgable."
  Anonymous     09/Nov/2012

"I liked the interactiveness of the class."
  A Maughan     10/Mar/2013

"Very good, learnt a lot from todays course. Thank you."
  Anonymous     12/Sep/2012

"loving it!"
  Mr J Cordingley     07/Mar/2016

"Course was informative, fun and very worthwhile."
  Ms K Littlewood     09/Oct/2009

"the course met more than my expectations."
  C Knowles     10/Mar/2016

"Very good, practical sessions, videos + demonstrations. Revisiting demos + procedures. Answered questions well and fully."
  Ms M Begum     21/Sep/2011

"Fantastic trainer."
  Anonymous     15/Mar/2013

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Client Feedback

"Those 3 days flew by and were very enjoyable...."
  G Pochon     10/Feb/2017


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