We are a family run business and we strive to provide the best possible training. We are well aware of the importance of high quality first aid training AND the benefits it can have on the people who are training and the casualties that receive first aid.

These are just some of the testimonials we have received for our first aid courses.

All trainees can leave feedback anonymously. We keep all paperwork and returned feedback for 7 years so we can verify all our feedback as and when required.


"very enthusiastic and very informative"
  T     11/Aug/2016

"Thank you for your time and sharing of knoweledge."
  N McNeil     12/Sep/2012

"He was very clear and straightforward. He demonstrated well and explanation was very clear and good."
  Mrs G Aziz     18/Jan/2011

"Covered all questions very well."
  Anonymous     05/Mar/2013

"Very good communicator, very friendly and professional."
  Anonymous     12/Sep/2012

  S Doyle     07/Mar/2016

"i did a 3 day first aid course with St Johns Ambulance Last year and i learnt far more over the two days with first aid for all."
  Ms D Wrigley     11/Aug/2016

"Nervous at first but put at ease"
  Mr G George     21/Jul/2010

"Always Interesting, never boring. Delivered well."
  Mr C Kelly     21/May/2010

"Teacher very good."
  S Hopwood     09/Nov/2012

"Very good course"
  Ms N Heath     09/Oct/2009

"All good - thanks very much."
  Anonymous     30/Jul/2012

"Sound knowledge and eperience."
  Anonymous     10/Mar/2013

"Enjpyed the course. Chris was a great guy."
  Mrs P Murphy     04/Sep/2012

"Excellent, clear, understandable and good fun!"
  Mrs C Eddy     11/Nov/2009

"Carol brought it to life and added humour appropriatley, i enjoyed her teaching."
  Ms K Brennen     11/Aug/2016

"very well informed, friendly presentating"
  Ms S White     09/Oct/2009

"Very clear and wonderful scenarios."
  Anonymous     04/Sep/2012

"There was a lot to learn, but I enjoyed the experience"
  Mr K Southern     08/Dec/2010

"Excellent Course and exactly what i need for my company."
  S Stuttard     11/Aug/2016

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Client Feedback

"Very Good, relaxed but informative...."
  p     10/Feb/2017


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