Client Testimonials & Feedback

We are a family run business and we strive to provide the best possible training. We are well aware of the importance of high quality first aid training AND the benefits it can have on the people who are training and the casualties that receive first aid.

These are just some of the testimonials we have received for our first aid courses.

All trainees can leave feedback anonymously. We keep all paperwork and returned feedback for 7 years so we can verify all our feedback as and when required.


"Very good teacher, I enjoyed the acting for bad situations! Awesome work Chris."
  Mr D Farr     19/Oct/2010

"very enthusiastic and very informative"
  T     11/Aug/2016

"Very clear good tutor."
  Anonymous     15/Mar/2013

"Excellent communication"
  R Begum     12/Sep/2012

"Enjpyed the course. Chris was a great guy."
  Mrs P Murphy     04/Sep/2012

"Very clear."
  R Owens     12/Sep/2012

"Fantastic! Thank you!"
  Anonymous     16/Aug/2012

"Very understandable."
  Anonymous     12/Sep/2012

"Tailored to specific needs as well as adhering to course content"
  Mr T Leese     07/Feb/2011

"Yes explained very well and clearly"
  A     16/Jul/2010

"No complaints at all. Really enjoyed the course."
  Ms T Bradshaw Pugh     13/Sep/2010

"The structure & content was very informative."
  Ms N Edwards     09/Oct/2009

"Very efficient and well taught. Very clear in his teaching."
  Anonymous     05/Mar/2013

"The course was very good."
  Anonymous     16/Aug/2012

"Thorough and knowledgable,enjoyed the experience. Good value for money"
  Ms L Hignett     13/Apr/2010

"Yes to the best of my ability"
  A     16/Jul/2010

"very clear, educational and informative"
  Mr A Mc Carthy     21/Jul/2010

"Clear. Talking easy to follow."
  Anonymous     06/Sep/2012

"Very good information."
  D Sharp     05/Mar/2013

  Anonymous     16/Jun/2016

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Client Feedback

"Deborah was a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer she was an exceptional tutor throughout the course with her pat..."
  Mrs K C     20/Jul/2017


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