If a candidate/trainee is not happy with the product or service they have received the following procedure is in place to resolve the situation.

Candidates are strongly recommended to pursue any complaint informally before following the formal route, as many appeals can be resolved satisfactorily in this way.

If after meeting with the trainer/assessor with whom the disagreement occurred, the candidate is not satisfied then he/she should contact First Aid For All by email or telephone within 3 weeks of the assessment.

The office staff will give the candidate the address for First Aid For All and instruct the candidate to send a written complaint giving all the relevant details. First Aid For All will acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 3 days of receiving the correspondence. One of the Directors will meet with the trainer/assessor in question and an external verifier and they will check the administration procedures to ensure the assessment has been carried out correctly, according to the assessment criteria and the course syllabus. The Director and external verifier must ensure the assessment is fair and reasonable and the trainer/assessor is not biased or prejudiced in any way. They will meet with the candidate and a decision will be made as to whether the appeal will be upheld or not upheld.

The candidate will be informed of the decision within 14 days and a written account of the outcome will be emailed or posted to him/her. If the candidate is still not satisfied with the outcome then in the case of FAIB approved courses he/she will be advised to contact FAIB directly. In the case of courses not approved by FAIB the candidate will have the option of going to Trading Standards with their case.

FAIB (First Aid Approvals and Monitoring Section) will be the final arbiter of any appeal for FAIB approved courses e.g. First Aid at Work courses and Emergency First Aid at Work courses.

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