Certificate Check & Download

All certificates from 1st January 2015 include security features to verify they are valid and have been issued by us:

  • a QR code - can be read by a free QR Code Reader app on a smart phone
  • a unique certificate number that can be checked on our site
  • a URL that will take you to our site and confirm who, what, when, and pass/fail

Websites that can validate our certificates are:
- FirstAidForAll.co.uk
- FirstAidForAll.uk
- SkillsForAll.co.uk
- SkillsForAll.uk
- FireSafetyForAll.uk
- HealthAndSafetyForAll.uk

We validate all certificats on our website so they cannot be forged, copied or altered.
Concerned about a certificate? Please contact us immediately and we will check our records.

If in doubt about a certificate please contact us immediately and we will check our records.

Client Feedback

"Deborah was a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer she was an exceptional tutor throughout the course with her pat..."
  Mrs K C     20/Jul/2017


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